Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coupon for my novel on Smashwords

For a limited time (that being 1 month), I am discounting my novel, Majoring in Murder, by 40% off the regular price of $4.99 on Smashwords only.

How? you ask.

Simple. Just go to Smashwords to purchase a copy of my latest novel, Majoring in Murder. Enter this coupon code (code: VF76C) prior to completing your checkout (in the shopping cart, there is a box to enter the coupon code).

Viola! That's it. You will have just saved a buck ninety-nine (that's right! a $1.99 off) and received an enjoyable crime drama to enjoy during the holidays. Speaking of holidays, you can purchase copies as gifts for friends who enjoy reading. What a fantastic idea, huh?

Be sure to act before December 15th, though. After that the coupon will no longer work. Again, that coupon code is: VF76C. Act now!

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