Thursday, September 1, 2011

What the ???

Okay, so I'm one of those authors who Google themselves and their books to see whether my SEO keywords are working. I'm not sure of a better way to track this and how well my books are doing out in the wild. Today, Amazon and B&N reset the monthly sales figures, so I wasn't surprised to see that I had no sales when I checked. Although I will admit it's disappointing to see zeroes or that stupid beige line that Amazon displays.

So, I Googled "An Adverse Anthology" and saw a link to some site called I've visited it before and was shocked to see that my collection was #97 in the US. Of course, it had dropped to #109 or something, so yeah, that's just my luck. Nothing to get all excited about.

When I clicked it today, the chart reflected that I had entered the Canadian chart at #18! EIGHTEEN! What?! (You should be able to see it here.)

I was shocked and so happy to see that, but then reality bit me and I knew that this had got to be short lived. After all, it just entered the chart. By tomorrow, I'll probably be off of it at a position greater than 100. Or, whoever is in charge of such things might realize the error of something they did and I'll be replaced by some big-name author.

Oh well, anyway, I'm going to bask in the rays of my current position while I can. Even if it means I just post it here on my blog where no one seems to visit, which brings me to another thing. When I began writing, all of the advice was about how to finish writing a book, that people wanted to do it but didn't have the fortitude. Well, I will tell you this: writing the damn book (hell, even editing it) is cake compared to marketing the blasted thing! But, I digress. That's a post for another time. If you've wandered over here and read to this point, THANK YOU! Please, leave me a comment, or if you've read my work or purchased my anthology, leave a review. I'd surely appreciate it.

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