Friday, September 23, 2011

Status update and cover sneak peek

I'm getting very close to finishing an editorial cycle on my hit man novel. I've probably said this many times in several of my posts, but the fact is, editing really sucks. If you want to be an author, it's a necessary evil. I mean, sure, I could just hurry through the process (as many authors tend to do), but that wouldn't be fair to the story or to my readers. When I start writing a book, I have a vision of what I want to say and where I want to take my reader and what I want them to experience. The editorial process is where I'm supposed to polish and fine tune the manuscript, getting it just the way I want it. So, with that said, just know that it should hit virtual bookshelves soon. Here is a sneak peek of the final cover for it:

I welcome all feedback concerning the cover. I think the image works very well at giving the reader an idea of what this book is all about. Well, as much as an image can anyway. Of course, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. It took me nearly one hundred prototypes to get this one just right. Maybe I will post some of the earlier concepts for readers who are curious about what I rejected.

In addition to editing the novel, I'm still working on my silicone mask for Halloween. I received some new supplies this week (gypsum cement, an airbrush, and some Psycho Paint) and hope to get to work applying the plaster some time this weekend. I hope to post some pictures of the mask as I progress. If you're interested in creating your own silicone masks or just curious about the process, feel free to contact me. I've got plenty of advice learned from my own mistakes so far as well as links to video tutorials and material suppliers.

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