Sunday, June 3, 2012

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Today was the last day of the Georgia Renaissance Festival. I've never been to a Renaissance Festival (nor has my youngest son, Sean), so we went today with my wife, who has been several times. I didn't have high expectations. I imagined it would be full of LARPers and other über geeks. I wasn't too far wrong about the geeks, but there were also plenty of people dressed in period garb, which means corsets and boobs.

I'm a big fan of boobs, so that aspect was extra cool. On the other hand, there are some boobs that shouldn't be on display and not even a corset can help. But, even those were on display. The costumes are neat and so are all the various wares for sale, from swords, to suits of armor, to everything you can imagine deep-fried and served on a stick.

I had a fun time. So did my wife and son. I hope to go back next year now that I've had the chance to experience it. If you've never been and enjoy a lively atmosphere of jousting and geeks in costumes, I encourage you to go.

And, since this is an author's blog, I imagine you are here to read something about the next book I've been discussing. That book would be The Old Royal. I have good news to share: the book's release will most likely be sometime next week, June 10 through 16. I've gone through the paperback proof, made changes, and am waiting for the second proof before giving it the final go ahead. Also, I've formatted the digital version, but haven't yet viewed the final product in various reading devices. I plan to do that this week and make any necessary tweaks. So, I hope you will check back in a week and get your copy. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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