Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally, it's over...for now

Yesterday, I did something I always dread doing. I mowed my lawn. Doesn't sound like an ordeal, does it? Well, for me, it is. See, I'm lazy. I work at a desk all day where I program computers. Not to mention, my yard is a bitch to mow. The front yard is easy. It's pretty much flat. However, the back yard has an odd slope and drops off where the previous owners had an above-ground pool. In addition to this odd slope/cliff, I'm convinced there is radioactive waste buried out there because the grass (dare I call my weeds grass?) grows ten times faster than the front yard or our neighbors' yards. In a weeks time, I can look out and see a pasture that requires a bush hog to clear. Oh, and I only have a push mower. There's no way you can cut the back yard with a riding lawn mower. Unless, of course, you fancy yourself Evel Knieval.

So, since I'm lazy, I do not enjoy nor look forward to cutting my grass. My neighbors all seem to be over achievers, wanting to keep up with the Jones's and out do one another. Needless to say, they've all cut their yards since spring has sprung. To hell with all that! I was the only holdout on the block with my yard that looked like a jungle. I swear I saw monkeys out there a few days ago.

I'd finally had enough and vowed to mow the grass yesterday (as well as perform some other chores I tend to put off). I wasn't looking forward to any of this work, though. And, it saddened me to know I was going to piss away a beautiful Saturday doing stuff I hated. Anyway, I just bit the bullet and did it. It only took me about two hours. It would've been less had the lawn mower not refused to crank near the end. Of course, that's my luck. I had to remove the spark plug and clean it to get the damned thing working again. I may be lazy, but I can't stand do do a half-ass job. (Although, I did not mow the lower section of the back yard--this will require more effort to knock down some bushes that decided to Hulk out during the winter. I'll tend to those next week.)

Once it was over, I enjoyed a revivifying shower, took a load of recycling to Berry College where I enjoyed watching my wife's dance performance. When that was over, I returned home and relaxed on the sofa with a beer (actually, several). I had the house to myself when my wife and daughter went to Atlanta. During that time, I watched several Twilight Zone episodes from the box set I own. That was very enjoyable. It's been a while since I've watched any of the old black-and-white episodes and I love the twists even though I know them all.

Today is April 1. A relaxing Sunday. A new month. I hope to get some writing done. It feels good to have the first mowing session of the year behind me because it's always the worst. The sad realization is that there are plenty more days ahead to mow the grass and it will be miserable in the summer when Georgia temps soar near the triple digits. Too bad it won't kill the grass.

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