Friday, January 20, 2012

R.I.P. David Gold & Peter Steele

I recently stumbled upon the band Woods of Ypres by following a series of links sent to me by my wife. She wanted me to see some creepy photos or something on a blog. I clicked links and followed a rabbit hole, which eventually brought me to Woods of Ypres's music video that I've posted below. I'm a big fan of death metal and various other forms of hardcore metal. My favorite bands are too numerous to list, but at the top of that list are Obituary and Type O Negative. T.O.N. is the number one spot, by the way.

Last year, it saddened me to hear the news that the lead singer and bassist for T.O.N., Peter Steele, had died. I own a copy of each of their CDs and concert DVDs and hoped to see them in concert one day. Then, I heard the tragic news of Peter Steele's death and realized I'd never get to see them live. When I came across this new band, I was excited. I love their sound. I love the video. I think David Gold really rocked that shaggy beard and his vocals kicked ass, too.

As I read the comments and Googled his name, I learned that David Gold died in a car accident in December. He was a very talented artist and it sucks that, like Peter Steele, he had to go so soon. So now, at the top of my list between Type O Negative and Obituary, I've added Woods of Ypres. I dedicate this blog to the memory of both Pete and David. R.I.P. guys, you'll definitely be missed. Fortunately for us, we can remember them through their music. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Woods of Ypres - I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Type O Negative - Black No. 1

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