Monday, January 21, 2013

Buy One, Get One Free!

I decided to give book readers a special early Valentine, a buy one, get one free offer. Beginning today, if you purchase either An Adverse Anthology or Majoring in Murder, (digital versions only) you will find a special promotional code in the book that allows you to purchase the other novel for free. That's right, FREE!

This is my thank-you to my readers and potential future readers for picking my books from the multitudes of choices out there. As a reader myself, I realize many people appreciate a good deal. Someone suggested I add a bonus short story, but that didn't seem very appealing to me. Any author can throw in a short story that's lying around. Instead, I decided to give the reader something bigger and better, another whole book.

The offer is valid from now until February first next year (Expires 2/1/2014). Again, simply purchase either An Adverse Anthology or Majoring in Murder (digital versions only). The free coupon code for the other book is at the end of each story. All you have to do is enter the code during checkout to get the book absolutely free.

But wait, there's more! Act now and I'll throw in a complimentary set of steak knives capable of cutting through Titanium and remaining sharp enough to slice through this tomato! Okay, just kidding about the knives. But, seriously, I understand there are some cunning people out there who might purchase the first book, download the second, and post both coupon codes to the interwebs so all their friends can get two books for free. After all, the coupon idea I came up with isn't foolproof. So, I encourage you to share this offer with friends and family (hopefully, you'll enjoy the stories, tell them, and they'll at least buy one copy), thus helping me spread the word. However, if you insist on undermining my super-fancy security, then so be it. All I ask is this: please, if you download the book(s) and read them, return to where you got them and leave an honest review. Reviews are the only feedback I get from my readers. I always enjoy hearing what you think of my work, even if it is critical.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your free book. I hope you enjoy them! And, remember, please leave a review when you're finished reading. Thanks for stopping by.

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