Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Self-destructing Authors Do NOT Speak For Me!

I just stumbled onto several posts about a self-published author who is making waves in the publishing/writing world today. Apparently, this douche bag has diarrhea of the mouth and is making a lot of bat-shit-crazy allegations that make self-published authors look bad.

In addition, there is a "civil war" brewing in the publishing world between traditional publishers (which includes agents, etc) and self-publishers. I, for one, am tired of all this bickering. At the end of the day, it's just more drama. Don't we have enough of that on television? I am a self-published author by choice. I chose not to pursue the traditional route on purpose. So, when this dickhead yahoo comes out of the woodwork spouting his bullshit, it angers me. I don't usually get angry very easily. Unless, of course, I'm behind the wheel of my car and the asshole in front of me is driving like he's blind and I see that it's because he's on the phone. But, I digress.

Self-publishers have long been fighting against the stigma that their writing isn't quality work. Most people will have you believe that self-pubbed authors couldn't cut it in the traditionally published world, and fed up, seek to publish their stories themselves, that their work is inferior because it wasn't professionally vetted by an agent or editor. Sometimes this is true. And, sometimes, it is not.

I opted to go the self-publishing route because I wanted complete creative control over my writing. I enjoy not only writing the books that I do write, but also creating the cover artwork, and distributing it myself through various channels. If my stories bomb, there is no doubt that the blame lies with me. However, if they are successful, then it's the greatest feeling in the world knowing that readers have been entertained by something I created, something conceived and created from my imagination.

If I receive bad reviews for a story, I don't fly off the handle and go on a verbal rampage on the internet to tell readers that they don't know talent when they lay eyes on it. That's the actions of a self-centered, fudge-covered dickcicle, a person in this business for the wrong reasons. As a matter of fact, when I receive bad reviews, I just ignore them. Well, sort of. I mean, I read them, and yes, they do hurt occasionally. I simply choose to ignore them and continue doing what I do because for all of the bad reviews, there are plenty of good reviews.

So, to reiterate the title of this blog post, I just want anyone who reads my work to know that this self-destructing author does NOT speak for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to publish my own work and the readers who enjoy my books. Never in a million years would I berate the industry, fellow authors, or readers who make it possible for me to enjoy the chance I have to entertain others.

If you want a good laugh, I encourage you to read Chuck Wendig's post on this subject over at Terrible Minds. Chuck's got a way with words that I don't. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!

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