Monday, August 29, 2011

Finished another iteration of editing

Saturday, I completed another iteration of the editing process for my college hit man book, Majoring in Murder. There are some plot holes pointed out that I need to go back and rewrite or smooth out. Hopefully, I'll finish the next phase sooner than this last. Of course, rewriting and fixing plot holes is a huge drag, but I want to publish the best story I can for my readers. I hope all of the hard work pays off and all of you will enjoy the story when I finish it. In addition to the editing, I've already created the cover for the book. I hope to post it soon, once I'm closer to publishing the book. I want to give everyone a sneak peek at it before it hits the virtual bookshelves. I'm quite proud of it. It only took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 55 tries and a lot of artistic criticism to get it the way it currently looks.

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